Your health is a journey. Start here.

I want to congratulate you for having the courage to take the decision to take control of your health. I know it can sometimes be intimidating, especially if you've been facing symptoms for a while and have tried various methods without finding lasting relief. I was there too.

Ma mission est d’aider les femmes à se reconnecter avec son feminine intuitive power,to recognize their body's messages and embrace their emotions, so they can live in harmony with their cycles and themselves.

Je comprends l’importance de l’écoute profonde, et je prends le temps de t’écouter. Tes préoccupations seront prises au sérieux, et aucune d’entre elles n’est trop petite ou trop grande pour être abordée.

Women's health est ma grande passion. J’accompagne les femmes qui rencontrent divers troubles tels que:

✓ Irregular cycles, painful, heavy periods, premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

✓ des migraines et de l’acné hormonale

✓ l’endométriose

✓ Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

✓ la transition vers l’arrêt de la pilule

✓ Perimenopause

✓ Thyroid health

My approach

I'm convinced that every woman is unique et qu’il n’existe pas de méthode universelle qui convienne à toutes. C’est pourquoi, dans mon approche, j’emploie différentes modalités afin de répondre à tes besoins spécifiques et d’avoir des résultats durables.

Here are the modalities I use during my consultations:

Traditional Chinese medicine

A holistic approach that includes acupressure, moxibustion, Chinese dietetics, and the use of medicinal plants.


Acupressure is a technique derived from traditional Chinese medicine that aims to stimulate the body's energy points with fingers. I use this method both as a source of information and as a standalone technique.


Diet remains the cornerstone of any holistic approach, as what we eat influences our health on all levels. All dietary changes are tailored to your constitution, age, and individual needs.


The use of medicinal plants has existed since ancient times. We can incorporate them into our daily lives in the form of capsules, herbal teas, or tinctures.

Stress management

Techniques and strategies to better manage stress and promote emotional and mental balance, including relaxation methods, mindful breathing, and tools to enhance daily management.

Practically, how do the consultations unfold?
1st consultation

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes (or 2 hours if you choose the Discovery Package)

Once you have booked your appointment, I will send you a questionnaire to fill out. During our meeting, we will discuss your answers together, and I will ask you additional questions to identify the cause of the imbalance in order to establish a PERSONALISED protocol PERSONNALISÉ.I will also take your pulse and examine your tongue to confirm my observations.

If you choose Discovery Package, je procéderai également à une palpation abdominale. Cette séquence spécifique de points d’acupression permettra d’évaluer l’état énergétique de vos organes de reproduction et autres.

After our meeting, I will send you the recommendations in a PDF document. This document will include advice regarding l’alimentation, les plantes ou compléments alimentaires, les techniques de massage, and much more, all tailored to your needs and specific goals.

2nd and 3d consultations

Durée : 1h each

These consultations enable us to maintain regular check-ins and tailor your support plan to suit your pace and evolving needs

"I can’t say enough good things about Anna Rabdano. She’s honestly been a miracle worker, a one-stop shop. After having digestive issues my whole life, i’m now free of bloating and pains. She’s so knowledgeable about the connection of the mind and body and their coexistence. I walk out feeling more aware and in tune with my body. The healing is not only physical. She’s so companionate and understanding. She makes you feel very comfortable and at ease to open up. The acupressure brought much relief as well. I feel like her role is so encompassing from naturopath, acupressure, therapy. I feel like it really overhauled my mind, body and spirit in the beat way possible."

– Souleima Basha

“Anna est une thérapeute hors pair. Dès la première visite je me suis sentie très à l'aise. Anna dégage une belle énergie. Elle est à l'écoute et cible bien les problèmes. Elle a énormément de connaissances et tous ses conseils sont précieux. Merci Anna pour tout! 🙌 Je suis très reconnaissante de t'avoir trouvé. P.S. j'ai également participé à ses ateliers "Au rythme de la lune 🌒" durant lesquels j'ai beaucoup appris sur le cycle féminin et comment harmoniser le cycle menstruel. Je recommande fortement!

– Tatjana Ivanisevic

“Anna is truly skilled in alternative medicine, with a long list of diplomas and certificates under her belt. My appointment with her left me feeling absolutely divine! So light and well in my skin.. I cannot recommend her enough. Trust me when I say that you will be in good hands with Anna!”

– Suzy Bourassa

“Anna is a true gem! I came into the session quite stressed, anxious, and a bit grumpy. She listens deeply and asks great questions. She used several modalities (acupressure, cupping, tuning forks and Bach flower remedies) and I left the session feeling joyful, alive, content, and more myself 🙂 I truly appreciate her knowledge and skillfulness as well as her demeanor. I 100% recommend working with Anna"

– Jessika Mikol

Est-ce que vous donnez des reçus?

Yes, receipts for naturopathy or massage therapy are available.

How many naturopathy appointments will I need?

That entirely depends on the reason for the consultation.
For acute issues, often two sessions will be sufficient.

For chronic issues that have been ongoing for a long time, it is possible that more sessions will be necessary. However, it is worth noting that I have seen clients with long-standing issues experience benefits as early as the first session.
En effet, tout dépend de l’engagement de la personne et de sa volonté de faire un changement.

What to expect during the first naturopathy session?

The first 1-hour and 30-minute consultation begins with an assessment of your overall health. I will ask you questions about your medical history, current health, lifestyle habits, diet, and anything else that may be relevant to get to know you better.

Après cette rencontre, je vous enverrai des suggestions personnalisées et adaptées à votre style de vie, votre budget et votre rythme.

Lors de notre deuxième rencontre, nous évaluerons si nous sommes sur la bonne voie en fonction des objectifs établis. Nous discuterons des éventuels défis auxquels vous avez pu faire face, ainsi que des ajustements à faire au besoin.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Cash or Interac e-Transfer.

Disclaimer on information and content

N.B. Naturopathy is a complementary approach. Alongside consultations with a naturopath, it is strongly recommended to continue with traditional medical follow-up and, if necessary, consultations with other healthcare professionals recommended by your doctor. The information and suggestions provided by your naturopath are for informational purposes only and do not constitute a diagnosis.