Naturopath and Doula specialized

in Fertility and Hormonal balance

Anna Rabdano N.D.

Hi there! I'm Anna Rabdano, a naturopath, doula, and acupressure therapist. I guide women on their path to optimal hormonal health and fertility through a range of holistic and natural methods.
Recently, I've introduced a birth support service for parents seeking an informed, compassionate, and respectful experience during this important stage.

If you're curious about my background given my last name, I hail from a small town in Siberia. My journey has been quite the adventure: six years of enriching studies and work in China, followed by eight fulfilling months in Thailand. Now, I'm settled in Canada, grateful for the diverse experiences that have taught me the beauty and complexity of human nature.

My role as a naturopath My role as a naturopath is to lead you towards an improved version of yourself, starting from wherever you are. I take the time to understand you, delving into not just your medical history but also your current emotional state. This is especially vital in matters of fertility, where women may navigate a spectrum of emotions linked to conception challenges. Being able to offer them a safe and empathetic space, where they can share their concerns, worries, and fears, is a priority in my practice.

As a doula, As a doula, my aim is to provide you with continuous support before, during, and after childbirth. I'm here to be someone you can share your pregnancy and childbirth concerns with, as well as a resource during labor. I offer various methods to relieve pain and facilitate labor progress. I encourage letting go and tranquility through meditations and guided breathing techniques.

My ultimate goal is to take care of you and ensure that your bubble is respected, allowing you to focus on the most important task: giving birth to your child.

Regardless of the type of support I provide, my goal is to share my knowledge with you and provide simple, practical tools. This way, you can achieve your goals in hormonal health, fertility, or childbirth.


2024- Formation utilisation du rebozo mexicain en périnatalité-Collective Rebozo

2023- Suivi particulier en périnatalité – Mère et Monde

2023- Formation d’accompagnante à la naissance-Alternative naissance

2021- Plantes occidentales et la médecine traditionnelle chinoise – Anne Vastel

2021-Programme d’études en herboristerie clinique en cours d’une durée de 5 ans, ce programme vise à l’obtention du titre Herboriste Clinicienne,Flora Medecina

2021-Diplôme en Acupression, École Setsuko

2021-Diplôme en Naturopathie et Diététique chinoise, École Setsuko

2017-Formation au programme de Naturopathie 760h, EESNQ

2016-Collège des médecines douces du Québec – formation de 270 h

2016-Formation Reiki Usui I, II Cécile Duchamp

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